Well, as you might have noticed, writing about myself took quite a while. As Philipp’s descriptions are often full of quotes, I will copy him and also add some, because I find it sometimes very useful and suitable! Furthermore he has already taken the advantage of being first in the article ‘About us’, so I really have to try to make make my best to do it it at least as good as he did. 😉

“I am not perfect but I am limited edition.”

Could be that these two citations fit the most to me, but anyway I find it a little hard to describe myself. One day I assume a book would not be enough to engross it all, another time I don’t find even a sentence 😉 It depends on the aspect from which I look at my own in- and outside, depends on the mood in which I am in while writing, and also my attitudes and activities have been changing, especially in the last few years. Of course I hope my whole package will keep on developing and improving further, so do not be surprised if I ‘slightly’ upgrade these word rows in the following months.

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring so I get back to being me.”

This might express everything, but nothing …heh… So, I will try to unfold it a little bit.
I’m a person which loves to try, experience and learn various things, meet people of different cultures and religions, be involved in interesting activities, taste new food and drinks (if possibly digestible).

I adore and respect the nature, especially the mountains, as I grew up there, but I’m very keen on exploring and living at all kinds of natural wonders all over the world as well.
Furthermore I love to learn new languages and be able to express myself in a new way, new mentality.

Because I’m so grateful and happy about the chances in my life to learn and experience so much interesting things, I would also like to share this with other people, teach what I can and spread my knowledge and happiness:)


For me this travel is not only a life adventure but also an important part of  the journey of life which goal is the journey itself. It has always been my dream to go on such a trip, not only to find out more about other people and places, but also to discover more about myself. I have already had some attempts to start the travel, but there was always something unexpectable to stop me. It was just necessary to come at the right time and with the right person to meet for sharing all this. And now finally, after one month of travelling and already filled with impressions, I am able to realize and believe that this dream has really begun …

"Use this valuable life as much as you can and help the others to do so as well!!"

The countries of my origin – Slovakia and Bulgaria, are both very small, but wonderful and unique. The advantage that not so many people know about them makes me also proud to introduce them to the world and share their highlights, culture, languages and many other things connected to them with interested people while travelling. I also used to live in different countries in Europe and travel a lot, so I try to integrate more customs and mentalities in my daily life as well.

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself."

- D. Kaye

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

I have already made a few smaller journeys in Europe, Central America, Africa and Asia. In a few of them I also did medical internships or used to work as a doctor. I started my medicine studies at the Jessenius Faculty in Martin at Comenius University in Slovakia, which was the great kick off for my future carrier and motivation for further life, and I finished them at the Medical University in Innsbruck, Austria. My last medical experience I gained in a mountain hospital in Zams and Innsbruck Clinic in beautiful Tirol in Austria, where I have also become a general practitioner.

“If you think travel is dangerous. Try routine. Its lethal”
“You can’t have a narrow mind and a thick passport.”

The last, but very important info about me – I love sports, especially the outdoor activities! I am a passionate snowboarder, but I have also started with ski touring/split boarding, as this valuable moments to hike up in the white radiant hills with a group of good friends, eat your snack, then make some fresh lines in the virgin powder, look back up in this heaven and ask yourself: ‘Was it really me?’ … this cannot be compared to anything 😉 So I adore being active in the mountains, but I’m keen on learning whatever new interesting activity in different surroundings as well. The people that know me, also know that I love beeing active because the to move means for me to live.

In the last years the eastern philosophies have also awakened a great interest in me. The deeper I studied them, the more I discovered how they are connected with the human mind and health overal. I got even more motivated after my 7 days visit to a Buddhist monastery in Thailand and just after coming back to Innsbruck I accidentally found out, that I could study Tibetan medicine – Sowa Rigpa – directly in this heart of the Alps. Since then we are both studying and practising this complex medical system. We were also very happy and grateful to have the chance to enter the roots and origin of this fruitful tree – in Tibet, our first stop. After this trip I am even more persuaded, that the western world could profit from this profound eastern experience and knowledge and I am hungry for more information and understanding to be able to integrate and bridge this two completely different systems, but with the same goal- to help and heal the patient, together.
Additionally I have worked and would love to continue working in different medical projects where I could also help people in need.

“Since you live, you move. When you stop moving you are dead.”

To sum up: I can be funny or serious, or … funny and serious 😉 Basically like everyone I’m searching for the balance, but maybe it’s something you cannot find, but something you create …