Our Fotos from travelling in Tibet and Nepal.

We decided to take the notorius flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world, from where we would start our Everest Base Camp Trek. Read the full article here ...

After a breathtaking flight over the great Himalayas our plain landed in Kathmandu, the capitol of Nepal. Have a look at some of our first impressions there ...

After more than 16 amazing days in Amdo it was time to say goodbye to the east-tibetan province and to proceed to our next destination: Lhasa and the Autonomous Region of Central Tibet. Thus we were really looking forward to the next 22h of our journey to get there: a 1,956 km ride on the world famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway, also called "Train of the Sky", from Xining to Lhasa ... Read the full article here

According to the legend the Dakini Cave System was discovered by the terma finder Terton Natso Rang Dro, wo dreamed about the cave and thus was able to reveal the entrance centuries ago.

The road took us deeper and higher into the Tibetan Nomad's land until we reached the village Keshengxiang at the sandbanks of Yellow River. We spent a couple of amazing days in the nature collecting and studying medicinal herbs.

On the second day in the Yogi village we hiked up a beautiful 4000m high mountain peak above the village, passing through large fields of Edelweiss and other precious wild herbs. On the top we discovered a small cave used by the Ngakpas for their long retreats that could last weeks or even years.

The first stop of our Sorig Tour led us to the Ngakpa Yogi village of Rigzin Rabpel Ling high up in the mountains near the tibetan town of Rebkong. We witnessed a tantric ceremony and got the blessings of the local Yogis, After our first medical consultations we enjoyed the hospitality of a tibetan family overnight.